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Abstract #0919

Microfabrication of Multifunctional Alginate Capsule-In-Capsule (CIC) for Immunoprotected Cell Transplantation with MR, CT, and US Visibility

Jaeyun Kim1,2, Dian R. Arifin1, Naser Muja1, Assaf A. Gilad1, Taeho Kim1,2, Aravind Arepally1, Taeghwan Hyeon2, Jeff WM Bulte1

1Radiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA; 2Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

A novel alginate capsule-in-capsule (CIC) preparation was designed and microfabricated for immunoprotected cell transplantation with multimodal tracking capability including MRI, micro-CT, and ultrasound imaging. Using the dual capsule (CIC) approach for physical separation of human islets from the NPs, a better viability and cell function including glucose responsiveness and insulin secretion can be retained as compared to single Feridex/Au NP capsules. The CICs injected in peritoneal cavity in live mice were easily visualized on MRI, CT, and ultrasound.