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Abstract #0923

In Vivo MR Imaging of the Recruitment of Iron Oxidelabeled Macrophages in Renal Ischemic-Reperfusion Model in Mice

Quan-Yu Cai1, Hyo-Eun Park1, Hyeyoung Moon1, Kwan Soo Hong1

1Magnetic resonance imaging team, Korean basic science institute, Ochang, Cheongwon-Gun, Chungcheongbuk-Do, Korea

Clinical Acute Renal Failure is a common renal disease, still associated with high morbidity and mortality. Visualization of macrophage homing is important to assess the dynamic evaluation of the recruitment of immune cells. Our study demonstrated that intravenously administered iron oxidelabeled macrophage homing to injured kidney can be monitored with 4.7-T MR imaging. Contrast enhancement 24 hours after administration of iron oxidelabeled macrophages is sharply defined. MR imaging for macrophage homing may provide a tool to early detection and investigate pathogenesis of acute renal failure and a guide for immunotherapy.