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Abstract #0958

T1-Weighted MRI Visualizes Functional Anatomy in the Marmoset Cortex

Nicholas A. Bock1, Junjie Liu1, Ara Kocharyan1, Afonso C. Silva1

1CMU, LFMI, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, Bethesa, MD, USA

We hypothesize that differences in the amount of myelin present in functionally distinct regions of the cortex lead to T1 differences that can be used to delineate these regions on MRI. To test this, we measured T1s in cortical regions with high and low myelin contents of an anaesthetized non-human primate (the common marmoset) at 7 Tesla. We then used these values to optimize a high resolution, 3D, T1-weighted pulse sequence to visualize the pattern of myelination across the marmoset cortex and showed that we could identify major cortical regions.