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Abstract #1007

Method for Accurate Tumor Volume Estimation in the Brain Using Healthy Tissue Subtraction

J.B.M. Warntjes1,2, J. West1,3, P. Lundberg3

1Center for Medical Imaging Science and Visualization, Linkping, Sweden; 2Department of Medicine and Health, Division of Clinical Physiology, Linkping, Sweden; 3Department of Medicine and Health, Division of Radiation Physics, Linkping, Sweden

A method is described for an accurate estimation of brain tumor volume using Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Several MR parameters (T1 and T2 relaxation and proton density) are used to create a Functional Relaxometric Classification space. (FRC-space). Since each tissue has a unique combination of MR parameters it will form a cluster in the FRC-space, characterized by its position and its statistical distribution. Removal of the healthy part from the complete brain volume leaves a certain volume with predominantly abnormal tissue. Integration of this volume yields the total tumor volume. This approach may even assist in the recognition of tumor type.