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Abstract #1012

Assessment of Vascular Reactivity in Two Rat Brain Gliomas (C6 and RG2) by Blood Volume Fraction MRI During CO2 Challenge and Correlation to Mature Vessels

Benjamin Lemasson1,2, Nicolas Pannetier1,3, Thomas Christen1,3, Jan Warnking1,3, Alexandre Krainik1,3, Rgine Farion1,3, Christoph Segebarth1, Olivier Duchamp2, Chantal Rmy1,3, Emmanuel L. Barbier1,3

1Inserm, U836, Grenoble, F-38043, France; 2Oncodesign Biotechnology, Dijon, France; 3Universit Joseph Fourier, Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences, UMR-S836, Grenoble, F-38043, France

To identify differences in microvascular maturity between two orthotopic glioma rat models (C6 and RG2, which differ in angopoietin-2 expression), we compared modification of blood volume fraction during a CO2 challenge. Observed differences are in good agreement with structural microvascular maturation detected by immunohistology (pericyte coverage index). MRI vasoreactivity measurement might be an important biomarker in neurooncology to better understand microvascular physiopathology and improve medical treatment.