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Abstract #1086

SPMMouse: A New Toolbox for SPM in the Animal Brain

Stephen J. Sawiak1, Nigel I. Wood2, G B. Williams1, A J. Morton2, T A. Carpenter1

1Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK; 2Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, UK

SPM is a popular package for structual and functional morphometry though it is not easy to use for non-human brains. We present SPMMouse - a toolbox allowing SPM to use any non-human brain for morphometry, including a demonstration of its use for the mouse brain. The tool allows SPM 'glass brains' to be created from any image, and automatically adjusts defaults length scales based on the headers of image files or user entered data. Priors for image registration and template prior probability maps are included for the C57 mouse brain. This open-source software will be available from the authors.