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Abstract #1121

Volumetric Assessment of Type-1 Diabetic Neural Atrophy Using Voxel Based Morphometry

Nyssa Elaine Craig1, Rajiv Gandhi2, Dinesh Selvarajah2, Kar Ping Kuet, Sudheer Lankappa3, Solomon Tesfaye2, Iain David Wilkinson1

1Academic Unit of Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK; 2Diabetes Unit, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK; 3Academic Clinical Psychiatry, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic multisystem disease in which poor glycaemic control leads to a myriad of complications within the body. Recent research has suggested an association between type-1 diabetes and brain parenchymal atrophy and possible cognitive decline. Eighty-seven male subjects with type-1 diabetes underwent imaging at 1.5T (30 sub-clinical, 29 painful and 28 patients with painless neuropathy). Data was pre-processed and compared using Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM2) Voxel Based Morphometry. The sub-clinical group demonstrated greater grey and white matter probability density than painful and painless groups, and cortical CSF was also relatively greater in the painful and painless groups.