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Abstract #1145

Quantification of Callosal Widths Using Conformal Mapping: Application to Multiple Sclerosis

Mehul Pravin Sampat1, Pallavi Shashikant Jesrani1, Dominik Meier1, Annika M. Berger1, Brian Healy1, Peter Hildenbrand2, Howard Weiner1, Charles R.G. Guttmann1

1Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA; 2Radiology, Lahey Clinic, Burlington, MA, USA

We assess differences between clinical subtypes of MS with regards to width of corpus callosum (CC). The CC was manually outlined on a set of MRI exams of RRMS, SPMS and PPMS patients. CC width is computed at multiple points by using a conformal mapping method applied to a pre-processed and smoothened CC outline. The mean width profile for the MS types is compared. We observe that the mean width is significantly lesser in SPMS as compared with RRMS and PPMS indicating greater damage to the CC in SPMS. The degeneration along the CC is observed to be non-uniform.