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Abstract #1186

Evaluation for MTBI and DAI by Using Voxel-Based Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Kazumi Kasahara1, Masahiro Abo2, Keiji Hashimoto2, Atsushi Senoo1, Takashi Kodama3

1Graduate School of Human Health Science, Tokyo MetropolitanUniversity, Tokyo, Japan; 2Department of Rehabilitation, Jikei Medical School, Tokyo, Japan; 3Div. of Radiation Therapy Physics, Chiba Cancer Center

The diagnosis and management of MTBI continues to be a subject of debate, with varying opinions regarding the extent to which organically based impairments versus the impact of other stressors cause ongoing disability. MTBI was observed as no change in conventional MRI, but we were able to identify abnormalities by using VBM analysis of Ɂvalues. This method will be effective tool for diagnosis of higher brain dysfunction.