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Abstract #1292

Evaluation of Hippocampal Degeneration After Prenatal Radiation Exposure Using Manganese-Enhanced MRI (MEMRI)

Shigeyoshi Saito1, Xue-Zhi Sun2, Kazuhiko Sawada3, Tetsuya Suhara4, Iwao Kanno4, Ichio Aoki4

1Department of Molecular and Neuroimaging, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan; 2Regulation Science Research Group, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan; 3Laboratory of Anatomy, Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, , Japan; 4Molecular Imaging Center, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan

Radiation exposure during the prenatal period causes various diseases such as hydrocephalus and hippocampal atrophy. Our goal was to evaluate the change in volume of the manganese-enhanced hippocampal area, hippocampus and entire brain of the rat with or without X-ray exposure during the prenatal period. Our study demonstrated: 1) Atrophy of the whole brain with ventricular dilatation was observed in the radiation-exposed model; 2) The atrophy of hippocampus was confirmed by MEMRI and HE staining in the radiation exposure model; 3) The size of the manganese-enhanced area in the radiation-exposed rats increased in the hippocampus.