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Abstract #1370

Diffusion Diffraction Patterns in Different Cells

Davide Imperati1,2, M. Cross3, Klaus Kruttwig1, P. Galvosas4, Konstantin Ulrich4, Andr Pampel5, Jrg Krger4, Mathias Hoehn1, Harald E. Mller5, Marc Tittgemeyer1

1Max-Plank Institute for Neurological Research, Cologne, Germany; 2Department of Computer Science, University of Milan, Milan, Italy; 3Interdisciplinary Center for Medical Research, Leipzig, Germany; 4Department of Physics, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany; 5Max-Plank Institute for Cognition and Brain Science, Leipzig, Germany

Diffusion imaging enables microscopic assessment of tissue microstructures by measuring the displacement of water protons.