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Abstract #1377

Measuring and Correcting Errors That Occur in Diffusion Weighted Images Due to Non-Ideal Gradient Linearity

Zoltan Nagy1, Daniel C. Alexander2, Nikolaus Weiskopf1

1Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, University College London, London, UK; 2Center for Medical Image Computing, University College London, London, UK

Because the diffusion weighting depends on the gradient amplitude to the second power, any deviations from the linearity in the gradient systems are amplified in ADC images. However, if this deviation in the gradient amplitude is known for each voxel the diffusion weighting b-value can be corrected, giving the accurate ADC measurement in every voxel. We provided a simple method of estimating the errors due to each of the diffusion encoding gradients and a simple formula for voxelwise correction of the ADC images.