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Abstract #1411

Exploring the White Matter Microstructure Underpinning Electrophysiological Dynamics: A Combined DT-MRI and MEG Study

Derek K . Jones1, Alex Leemans1, Christopher John Evans1, Krish D. Singh1, Suresh D. Muthukumaraswamy1

1CUBRIC, School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Neuronal oscillations at specific frequencies appear to be fundamental to the implementation of perception and cognition within the brain. Gamma oscillations (30-100 Hz) have been proposed as a temporal coding scheme through which distributed neuronal groups are able to synchronise allowing communication between these areas and underlying the binding of stimulus features. We combined DT-MRI and MEG data on gamma oscillations to address the question of whether whether there is a role for white matter pathways in gamma oscillatory behaviour. Certain aspects of our finds are expected, while others are not leading to important insights about analysis of DT-MRI data.