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Abstract #1421

Quantitative Measures of Glioma Edge Characteristics on Diffusion Weighted Images Interobserver Agreement.

John Robert Cain1, Gerard Thompson1, Samantha Jane Mills1, Alan Jackson1

1Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

A reproducibility study of two quantitative measures of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) image tumour boundaries. ADC Transition Coefficient into Oedema (ATCO) is a measure of change of ADC signal across the interface between oedema and white matter, ADC Transition Coefficient into Tumour (ATCT) is a measure of change of ADC signal across the oedema/solid tumour interface. Twenty-three patients with glioma were imaged on a 3T system, ADC images were analysed by two radiologists using a clearly defined method. These measures are simple, quick to perform and have excellent reproducibility, interclass correlation coefficient 0.895 and 0.834 for ATCO and ATCT respectively.