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Abstract #1453

Diffusion Tensor Invariants and Principal Eigenvector Coherence Changes with Field Strength at Various b-Value Ranges

Ai Wern Chung1, Martin D. King1, David L. Thomas2, Roger J. Ordidge2, Chris A. Clark1

1Radiology & Physics Unit, UCL, Institute of Child Health, London, UK; 2Department of Medical Physics, UCL, Wellcome Trust High Field MR Research Laboratory, London, UK

Our aim is to assess the effect of magnetic field strength on diffusion tensor invariants, including principal eigenvector coherence, over b-values 0 to 3000 s mm-2 in healthy subjects. We found a significant increase in FA at 3.0 T versus 1.5 T for all b-values tested in white matter, with overall FA decreasing at high b. Field strength was found to be a significant main effect on the accompanying principal eigenvector coherence, also exhibiting a decreasing trend with increasing b. In summary, the improvement of SNR with field strength saw significant increase in white matter FA along with coherence.