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Abstract #1531

Comparison of Perfusion Values Obtained by Single Subtraction and Multiple Subtraction Strategies in ASL

Onur Ozyurt1, Alp Dincer2, Cengizhan Ozturk1

1Bogazici University, Biomedical Engineering Institute, Istanbul, Bebek, Turkey; 2Radiology Department, Acibadem University, School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey

In this study, voxel-wise comparison of CBF maps obtained from normal volunteers by single subtraction (SS)(typically, TI2 = 1400) and multiple subtraction (MS) experiments were done. It is shown that even for a healthy brain; SS method may result in underestimation in CBF in some voxels. Additionally, these voxels were identified as arterial sites and the regions with prolonged transit times. The amount of differences in CBF estimates of both methods are calculated.