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Abstract #1627

The BOLD-Specific Flow-Volume Relationship During Hypercapnia and Hypocapnia

Jean J. Chen1, G. Bruce Pike1

1McConnell Brain Imaging Centre, Montreal Neurological Institute, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Grubbs power-law (with α =0.38) has been extensively used in fMRI, and the equivalence of this flow-volume relationship observed under neuronal activation and hypercapnia is instrumental in CMRo2 estimation using calibrated BOLD. However, Grubbs α was based on measurements of total δCBV instead of the BOLD-specific venous δCBV. Moreover, the comparability of the venous flow-volume relationship under focal and CO2-induced hyperemia has not been established. We used the venous refocusing for volume estimation (VERVE) technique to measure the venous flow-volume relationship in humans under graded hypercapnia and hypocapnia, and found α to be 0.190.04, equivalent to findings for neuronal activation.