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Abstract #1652

Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Cerebral Blood Flow During the Resting State

Qihong Zou1,2, Changwei Wesley Wu1, Elliot A. Stein1, Yufeng Zang2, Yihong Yang1

1Neuroimaging Research Branch, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Baltimore, MD, USA; 2State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

Static and dynamic characteristics of cerebral blood flow (CBF) during resting state were investigated using a pulsed arterial spin labeling (PASL) technique. Static resting CBF was significantly higher in the visual cortex, posterior cingulate cortex, thalamus, insula and medial prefrontal cortex than average CBF in the brain. The dynamic measurement of CBF fluctuations showed high correlation (functional connectivity) between components in the default mode network. The brain regions with high static CBF also showed high local temporal synchrony and fluctuation amplitude.