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Abstract #1838

Pharmacological Inhibition of CCR2 Decreases Macrophage Infiltration in the Aortic Root of the HuCCR2ki / ApoE-/- Mouse: MRI Assessment

Gregory H. Turner1, Alan R. Olzinski1, Roberta E. Bernard1, Heather Karr1, Carla A. Cornejo1, Karpagam Aravindhan1, Bao Hoang1, Robert N. Willette1, Colin H. MacPhee1, Clark A. Sehon1, Peter J. Gough1, Beat M. Jucker1

1GlaxoSmithKline, King of Prussia, PA, USA

The purpose of this study was to non-invasively assess the ability for a selective CCR2 antagonist to reduce the recruitment of macrophage to atherosclerotic lesions in a murine model of accelerated plaque growth. Therefore after 5 weeks of antagonist treatment in Ang II administered huCCR2ki/apoE-/- mice, USPIO MRI contrast agent was administered in order to non-invasively assess the macrophage burden in the aorta.