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Abstract #1962

Intra- And Inter-Scanner Variability of Knee Cartilage T2 in Human Knees at 3.0T: A Multivendor Comparision Study

Sharon Balamoody1, Charles Edward Hutchinson1, John C. Waterton1,2, Tomos G. Williams1, Michael Bowes3, Richard Hodgson4

1ISBE, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK; 2AstraZeneca, Alderly Edge, Cheshire, UK; 3Imorphics, Manchester, UK; 4MARIARC, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

Cartilage T2 was measured in twelve subjects with symptoms of knee osteoarthritis using Philips, Siemens and GEHC platforms at 3.0T. In knees, Philips intra-scanner R2 RMS COVs were <3% (intra-session) and 3.2-6.3% (inter-session). GE knee T2 values were systematically lower compared to the other scanners. Results from the phantom study did not predict in vivo results.