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Abstract #2054

Preoperative Evaluation of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Using Multiphasic Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR-Imaging in Correlation with Complete Surgical Exploration and Histopathology

Bernhard Daniel Klumpp1, Ingmar Koenigsrainer2, Philipp Aschoff1, Matthias Lichy1, Claus D. Claussen1, Alfred Koenigsrainer2, Christina Pfannenberg1, Stephan Miller1

1Diagnostic Radiology, Eberhard-Karls University Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany; 2Abdominal surgery, Eberhard-Karls University Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

In patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC) accurate preoperative assessment of the extent of PC is essential to provide optimal clinical outcome of radical peritonectomy. Purpose was to assess the diagnostic potential of multiphasic dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (T1wDCE) to determine the extent of PC in correlation with surgical and histopathological findings. 15 patients with PC were included. The mean peritoneal cancer index (PCI, Sugarbaker) was 18.112.2. The sensitivity/segment was 84%, specifity 91%, negative predictive value 68%, positive predictive value 96%, diagnostic accuracy 86%. T1wDCE provides accurate preoperative assessment of PC regarding resectibility to ensure optimal patient selection for peritonectomy.