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Abstract #2140

Monitoring Hepatic Lipid in Response to CB1R Inverse Agonist Treatment with MRS

Haiying Liu1, Richard Z. Chen1, Andrea Frassetto1, Alise S. Reicin1, Richard J. Hargreaves2, Donald S. Williams2, Tung M. Fong1

1Merck Research Labs, Rahway, NJ, USA; 2Merck Research Labs, West Point, PA, USA

Hepatic lipid content was measured before and after a CB1R inverse agonist (AM251) treatment with MRS in DIO mice non-invasively. Our result shows there is a relatively wide distribution in hepatic lipid content, which limits the statistical power of a cross-sectional study to resolve a change. In a typical treatment study, using this MRS method to follow liver lipid content serially and individually we were able to improve the statistical power compared with that of the cross-sectional approach. It also showed advantages of MRS in revealing the change in hepatic lipid content in a routine in vivo study involving mice.