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Abstract #2148

Fast Single Breath-Hold 3D Abdominal Spiral Imaging with Water / Fat Separation and Off-Resonance Correction

Peter Brnert1, Stephan van Zyl2, Holger Eggers1, Peter Koken1

1Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany; 2Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany

Large volume coverage, short total scan time and robust water/fat separation are important issues in abdominal MRI. 3D single breath-hold stack of spiral imaging in combination with three-point chemical-shift encoding (IDEAL) was used to achieve high quality water/fat separation with off-resonance artifact correction. Parallel imaging was employed to improve SNR, sampling efficiency and to achieve an up-front data compression during image reconstruction reducing IDEAL reconstruction time. The combination of IDEAL, SENSE and spiral signal sampling could pave the way for interesting future water/fat resolved clinical applications.