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Abstract #2158

In-Vivo Manganese Enhanced Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MEDMRI) to Evaluate Progression of Diabetes in Rodent Pancreas

Muhammad Haque1,2, Xiaobing Fan1, Erica J. Markiewicz1, Lara Leoni1, Brian B. Roman1

1Radiology, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA; 2Radiology, North Shore University Healthcare, Evanston, IL, USA

A lack of understanding in pathophysiological process involved in the progression of type I diabetes is an obstacle in disease management leading to other complications. Here we demonstrate the microvascular and cellular changes in pancreatic function using manganese enhanced dynamic MRI. A significantly faster Mn washout was reported in diabetic versus control pancreas. An empirical mathematical model was used to quantify Mn uptake and washout in the mouse pancreas by plotting intensity versus time. A higher temporal resolution is required to asses the Mn uptake kinetics. This technique has significant relevance in assessing novel therapies for diabetes.