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Abstract #2242

Utility of Quantitative T2 Signal Intensity and ADC Measurements in Differentiating Prostate Cancer from Post-Biopsy Hemorrhage

Andrew Rosenkrantz1, Martin Kopec1, Xiangtian Kong2, Jonathan Melamed2, Bachir Taouli1

1Radiology, NYU Medical Center, New York, NY, USA; 2Pathology, NYU Medical Center, New York, NY, USA

The objective of our study was to assess the value of quantitative T2 and ADC measurements for the differentiation of benign peripheral zone (PZ), tumor and hemorrhagic foci in patients with prostate cancer before prostatectomy. We measured relative T2 SI (signal intensity) normalized to muscle SI ("rT2") and ADC in benign non-hemorrhagic PZ, benign hemorrhagic foci, and tumor foci in 13 patients. Tumor foci showed significantly lower rT2 and ADC than did hemorrhagic and non-hemorrhagic benign PZ, rT2 and ADC were not significantly different between hemorrhagic and non-hemorrhagic benign PZ. These preliminary findings support quantitative T2 and ADC measurement for differentiating tumor from hemorrhage.