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Abstract #2368

In Vivo 13C MRS of Human Brain at 3T Using Stochastic Decoupling with a Proton Volume Coil

Shizhe Li1, Yan Zhang1, Shumin Wang1, Maria Ferraris Araneta1, Christopher Johnson1, Robert Innis1, Jun Shen1

1National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA

Proton decoupling power can be significantly reduced by using [2-13C]glucose infusion and detecting label incorporation into carboxylic/amide carbons. With increased decoupling efficiency, proton decoupling can use a volume coil, which is convenient for studying many brain regions, e.g., the frontal lobe. Here we report 13C MRS of human brain that uses a short birdcage coil for proton decoupling. The decoupling power is significantly reduced and at the same level as in previous human brain 13C MRS studies using quadrature surface coils. Analysis of specific absorption rate using volume coil proton decoupling is also provided.