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Abstract #2413

14 Substrates Are "ready-To-Go" for in Vivo DNP Hyperpolarization Studies

Magnus Karlsson1, Pernille Rose Jensen1, Anna Gisselsson1, Rene in 't Zandt1, Georg Hansson1, Mathilde Hauge Lerche1

1Imagnia AB, Malm, Sweden

In-vivo metabolism of small 13C labelled molecules can be studied with the DNP-MR technique. However, such studies require substrate concentrations and experimental time windows that deviate significantly from studies using conventional MR techniques. To obtain high enough S/N ratios of metabolites the injected substrates need to be highly polarized at the moment of injection. Here we show the result of an in vivo screen of the spinlattice relaxation time constants (T1) in healthy mouse with 14 selected highly polarized compounds.This result provides a good basis for the development of pre-clinical and clinical metabolic substrates.