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Abstract #2441

Hyperpolarization Storage at Different Magnetic Field on Perdeuterated Parahydrogenated Molecules for MRI Application

Francesca Reineri1, Daniela Santelia1, Roberto Gobetto1, Silvio Aime1

1Chemistry I.F.M., University of Turin, Torino, Italy

The application of hyperpolarized molecules as MRI contrast agents is gathering increasing attention. Two methods are used to achieve hyperpolarization, namely DNP and ParaHydrogen Induced Polarization. The application of both is strongly limited by polarization decay rate, that shortens polarization lifetime to some tens of seconds. In order to keep polarization on parahydrogenated molecules both substrate deuteration and singlet state maintenance on product molecule have been applied. A molecule is reported in which the application these two methods allows to achieve an exceptionally long T1, that make this molecule particularly interesting for in vivo MRI.