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Abstract #2504

MR Elastography at 7T to Measure Tissue Biomechanical Properties for Improved Registration of Histopathology and Radiation Therapy Images

Deirdre Maria McGrath1, Warren D. Foltz1, Carolyn J. Niu1, Joanne L. Moseley1, Adil Al-Mayah1, Kristy K. Brock1,2

1Radiation Medicine Program, Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network,, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2Department of Radiation Oncology , University of Toronto , Toronto , Ontario, Canada

The registration of multi-modality images (e.g. MR, CT, PET), improves tumor identification for targeted cancer radiation therapy and correlation with 3D histopathologic maps may be used to validate identification of tumor boundaries. However fixation during pathology tissue processing deforms the tissue and changes material properties non-uniformly. Hence biomechanical registration methods (e.g. MORFEUS) require information on these changes. A quasi-static MR-elastography method has been developed at high field (7T), allowing rapid volumetric measures for whole organ resections, e.g. radical prostatectomy. An initial investigation has been carried out on fresh and fixed tissue and the results validated with measures from indentation testing.