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Abstract #2555

In Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of MR Fluoroscopy-Guided Injection Therapy for Low Back Pain in Open High-Field MRI

Florian Streitparth1, Thula Walter2, Jens Rump2, Uta Wonneberger2, Bernd Hamm2, Ulf Teichgrber2

1Radiology, Charit , Berlin, Germany; 2Radiology, Charit, Berlin, Germany

Percutaneous spinal infiltrations are typically performed under CT or conventional fluoroscopy guidance. In this study we evaluated the feasibility of infiltration therapy of the lumbar nerve roots, sacroiliac and facet joints under open high-field MR-guidance (1.0T). In a CuSO4 phantom and cadaveric specimen, interventional TSE and GRE sequences were evaluated according to artifacts and image quality and an optimal intervention angle was assessed. In vivo, we chose a fast PDw turbo spin echo sequence for a total of 141 spinal infiltrations. A strongly T2-w SPIR sequence confirmed successful infiltration. Pain therapy in the open high-field MRI is feasible and safe.