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Abstract #2648

Ultra-Short TR Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography with Spiral Centric Phase Reordering

Yutaka Natsuaki1, Randall Kroeker2, Peter Schmitt3, Gerhard Laub1

1Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc, Los Angeles, CA, USA; 2Siemens Medical Solutions, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 3Siemens Healthcare AG, Erlangen, Germany

For the contrast enhanced MR angiography (CE MRA) with a 3D Spoiled GRE sequence, the speed is a primary design requirement. One way to improve speed in CEMRA is to maximize the sequence efficiency (i.e. the ratio between DAQ event and TR) by skipping the phase encoding (PE) rewinders. This, however, will have a consequence of enhanced background phase coherence artifacts. The current study proposes a novel Spiral Centric phase reordering algorithm that significantly reduces the phase coherence artifacts and allows ultra-short TR CE MRA while skipping PE rewinders.