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Abstract #2741

Optimisation of the Combined Gradient Echo/spin Echo (GESE) Sequence for the Measurement of T2 at 7.0 T

Eleanor F. Cox1, Penny A. Gowland1

1SPMMRC, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK

The GESE sequence can be used to simultaneously measure T2 and T2 in the brain and is particularly useful in conditions of B1 inhomogeneity such as ultrahigh field. In order to maximize the potential of GESE for tissue characterization, it is necessary to optimize the sequence. Here we have investigated two different fitting algorithms for this sequence to identify which one gives the lowest error in fitted values of T2 and optimized sequence timings in terms of the number and spacing of gradient echoes and echo times used for measuring T2 and T2 in the brain at 7T.