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Abstract #2742

Non-Regularized Multivoxel NNLS Is a Robust Analysis Approach to Quantitative T2

Thorarin A. Bjarnason1, Cheryl R. McCreary1, Jeff F. Dunn1, J Ross Mitchell1

1University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

Quantitative T2 (qT2) enables scientists to discern tissue microcompartments by measuring multiple T2 decays using a multiecho acquisition. qT2 is sensitive to myelin content. We show that traditional qT2 analysis underestimates the myelin water fraction (MWF) with decreasing SNR. We present a robust approach to qT2 analysis that does not underestimate the MWF with decreasing SNR, provides variance estimates for a single ROI, and has confidence intervals on the T2 distribution.