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Abstract #2962

Micro Helmholtz Coil Pair Towards Cellular Applications

Kai Kratt1, Vlad Badilita1, Tobias Burger1, Jan G. Korvink1, Ulrike Wallrabe1

1Department of Microsystems Engineering IMTEK, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany

We present the development of mass production compatible micro Helmholtz coils based on an automatic wire bonder. The coils are suitable for cheap on-chip MR analysis. SU-8 pillars serve as sample containers for cellular applications. By passing a current of 100 mA, a magnetic field of 0.9 mT is created. A homogeneous region of 100 m around the center of the coil allows for analysis of several cells. With resistances of less than one ohm and inductances in the low nanohenry range, the coils can be tuned and matched for various resonant frequencies.