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Abstract #2967

A Dedicated 4-Channel RF Receiving Array for Orthodontic Examinations

Markus Dring1, Daniel Gareis2, Olga Tymofiyeva1, Marcos Lopez1, Peter Jakob1

1Department of Experimental Physics 5, Universitty of Wrzburg, Wrzburg, Bayern, Germany; 2NORAS MRI Products, Hchberg, Germany

For orthodontic examinations we developed a dedicated receiving coil array, which allows high resolution imaging in short measurement times. To maintain the flexibility, which is needed for fitting the array to different anatomic of jaws, the connecting network is been placed about 17 cm away from the patient and connected with rf-lines to the receiving coils. Capacitive decoupling of neighboring coils and decoupling of non-neighboring coils by connecting the coils to low input impedance preamplifiers allow the single coils to receive independently. In vivo measurements demonstrate SNR improvement and good anatomic coverage. These properties can facilitate detailed orthodontic examinations.