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Abstract #3112

Dedicated MR ECG Amplifier

Lingchuan Zhou1, Mohsen Ayachi2, Julien Oster3,4, Roger Abcherli1, Odille Fokapu5, Michel Kraemer6, Johann-Jakob Schmid1, Jean-Philippe Blond2, Jacques Felblinger3,4

1Schiller AG, Baar, Switzerland; 2InESS UMR 7163, University of Strasbourg / CNRS, Strasbourg, France; 3U947, Inserm, Nancy, France; 4IADI, Nancy-Universit, Nancy, France; 5UMR 6600, UTC/CNRS, Compigne, France; 6Schiller Mdical, Wissembourg, France

Electrocardiogram (ECG) acquisition is difficult in an MRI environment. We have developed the first MR dedicated ECG amplifier in microelectronic technology to perform safe and accurate ECG acquisition. The chip size was 3.8x2.9 mm2 for 2 leads. No artefact is visible due to the ECG chip. Better sensitivity of QRS detection was observed than with standard ECG sensors. This technological step allows obtaining a non magnetic and very small ECG amplifier that could be placed in the field of view. Higher bandwidth is thus possible, which reduces the delay and allows a more precise synchronization.