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Abstract #3274

Double Inversion Recovery (DIR) MR Imaging in Detections of Acute Stroke Lesions

Chung-Min Lee1, Geon-Ho Jahng1, Chang Woo Ryu1, Hyun Cheol Kim1, Dal Mo Yang1

1Radiology, East West Neo Medical Center, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea

To evaluate the depiction of brain ischemic stroke by using DIR and to compare the contrast-normal ratio (CNR) of DIR with that of DWI and FLAIR images, fifty-five patients that had symptoms of acute ischemic stroke were enrolled in this study. Regions of interest (ROI) of the infarction area (L) and its contralateral normal (N) brain lesions were drawn and CNR was obtained for DIR, FLAIR, DWI b1000, and DWI b0 images and for ADC map. In result, the CNR value of DIR has the highest. Differences of mean CNR values among imaging protocols except DWI b1000 have statistically significant.