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Abstract #3301

Subcellular Transfer of Reducing Equivalents in the Neuronal and Glial Compartments of the Adult Rat Brain After Portocaval Anastomosis and Chronic Moderate Hyperammonemia as Detected by (13C, 2H) NMR

Tiago Brandao Rodrigues1, Regina Rodrigo2, Omar Cauli2, Vicente Felipo2, Sebastin Cerdn1

1LISMAR, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomdicas CSIC, Madrid, Spain; 2Laboratory of Neurobiology, Centro de Investigacin Prncipe Felipe, Valencia, Spain

We report on the effects of portocaval anastomosis and chronic moderate hyperammonemia on the transfer of reducing equivalents between the cytosolic and mitochondrial compartments from the neurons and astrocytes of the adult rat brain using a novel (13C, 2H)NMR approach. The administration of 2H2O to the animals allowed detecting and quantifying the presence of [2-13C], [2-13C,3-2H] and [2-13C,3,3-2H2]isotopomers of glutamate and glutamine. Portocaval anastomosis results in an evident limitation in the transfer of reducing equivalents between cytosol and mitochondria of the neuronal and glial compartments, whereas hyperammonemia didnt affect substantially this transport of reducing equivalents, both in the mitochondrial and the cytosolic compartments.