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Abstract #3309

Relationship of Functional Activation Deficit and Anatomical Atrophy in the Primary Olfactory Cortex and Hippocampus of Alzheimers Disease.

Jianzhong Yin1,2, Jianli Wang1, Paul Eslinger3, Lindsi DeArment1, Erin Zimmerman1, Jeffery Vesek1, Ji Qi2, James Connor4, Qing X. Yang1

1Center for NMR Research, Departments of Radiology, Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, PA, USA; 2Department of Radiology, Tianjin First Central Hospital, Tianjin, China; 3Departments of Neurology, Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, PA, USA; 4Departments of Neurosurgery, Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, PA, USA

Olfactory deficit is prevalent at the very early stage in the Alzheimers disease. The pathological changes occur in the medial temporal lobe, including the primary olfactory cortex (POC) and hippocampus result in the malfunction of olfaction as well as the cognitive functions. In this study, we will systemically measure the POC and hippocampus volume in the AD and normal subjects and statistic the activation voxels in these regions, so that to investigate the relationship of the functional and anatomical changes at the POC and hippocampus regions.