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Abstract #3479

In Vivo 1H MRS, Ex Vivo HR-MAS and Genetic Biomarkers for Oligodendroglial Tumours Differentiation

Bernardo Celda1,2, Ruben Ferrer-Luna1, Horacio Marinetto3, Jorge Calvar3, Gustavo Sevlever3, MCarmen Martinez-Bisbal2, JoseM Morales4, Daniel Monleon5

1Physical Chemistry, University of Valencia, Burjassot, Valencia, Spain; 2Physical-Chemistry, CIBER-BBN, Burjassot, Valencia, Spain; 3FLENI, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 4UCIM-Faculty of Medicine, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain; 5FIHCUV, Valencia, Spain

Histopathological classification of Oligodendroglial tumours has a subjective component. Oligodendrogliomas are one of the most chemosensitive solid tumours and that loss of chromosome (LOH) 1p was tightly associated with chemotherapy response. The correlation between in vivo and ex vivo NMR metabolic profiles and gene expression has provided some molecular biomarkers for supporting the classification of Oligodendroglial in an objective manner. Statistical significant correlations has been found between worst prognosis and lower survival with increasing amounts of some Cholines compounds, fatty acids and alanine for ex vivo HR-MAS spectra. Likewise, a correlation between mI/Cr and LOH/ROH 1p/19 loss has been found.