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Abstract #3534

Addressing the Problem of Path-Length Dependency in Probabilistic Tractography the ICE-T Framework

Matthew George Liptrot1, Karam Sidaros1, Tim Bjrn Dyrby1

1DRCMR, MR dept. 340, Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre, Hvidovre, Denmark

One of the primary hurdles to the quantitative interpretation of probabilistic tractography results is the path-length dependency problem. Here we present a novel framework, Iterative Confidence Enhancement for Tractography (ICE-T), which addresses the issue and can be implemented with any conventional probabilistic tractography method. Fibre-tracking was performed from a somatosensory seed region, and whereas a traditional approach with 60,000 streamlines failed to penetrate far into the contralateral hemisphere, the ICE-T version succeeded with good agreement with in-vivo tracer results. We hope that ICE-T will allow future comparison of quantitative fibre-tracking results across subjects.