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Abstract #3612

Mri Surrogates of Blood Flow Estimates in the Malignant Prostate Gland

Roberto Alonzi1, Peter Hoskin1, N Jane Taylor2, J James Stirling2, James A. d'Arcy3, David J. Collins3, Anwar R. Padhani2

1Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Northwood, London, UK; 2Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Northwood, London, UK; 3CRUK Clinical MR Research Group, Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, Surrey, UK

The purpose of this study was to assess clinically useful MRI derived kinetic parameters as surrogates for prostate cancer blood flow. Results demonstrated significant correlations between relative blood flow (rBF) derived from dynamic susceptibility-contrast enhanced MRI (DSC-MRI) and the T1-weighted parameters Ktrans, kep and IAUGC60. The strongest correlation in tumour was noted for IAUGC60 (r = 0.62, p=0.006). This provides evidence that T1-weighted Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI could provide a clinically feasible, multislice, whole gland blood flow imaging protocol.