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Abstract #3619

Reference-Based CBF Index of Maximum Upslope Without Using Arterial Input Function in Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI: Comparison with Deconvolution Method

Tokunori Kimura1, Hiroshi Kusahara1

1MRI development department, Toshiba Medical Systems Corp., Otawara, Tochigi, Japan

The purpose was to assess errors in CBF indexes in dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) MRI obtained from our proposed reference-based quantification without using an arterial input function (AIF). By simulation and clinical study, CBF and the referential tissue-related ratio (CBFratio) were compared between methods of maximum upslope (US) and block-circulant SVD deconvolution (cSVD). The errors in the CBFratio obtained using US (Ref-US) compared to cSVD were almost equivalent but smaller in lower CBF. Correlation of clinical CBFratio maps between US and cSVD provided r>0.9. We can conclude that the Ref-US is a valuable index from the viewpoint of balancing robustness against errors and simplicity.