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Abstract #3710

Separate Neural Systems for Evaluating Risks and Reward in Decision Making

Julian Macoveanu1,2, Jon Wegener1,2, Arnold Skimminge1, Bettina Hornboll1,2, Rebecca Elliott3, Hartwig Siebner1,2, Olaf B. Paulson1,2, James B. Rowe2,4

1Danish research center for MR, Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre, Denmark; 2Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark; 3Neuroscience and Psychiatry Unit, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK; 4Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

When making a decision, the risk can be expressed as the probability of wining vs. losing, or the outcome winnings vs. losses. We used a novel gambling task with 30 subjects in fMRI to study the different roles of fronto-striatal systems in the integration of probability vs. outcome. The probability of winning correlated with activity in the rostral Ventral Striatum (VS), dorsal anterior-cingulate (ACC) and orbitofrontal cortex. The magnitude of winnings correlated with caudal-VS and subgenual-ACC activity. Conclusion: separate regions of VS and ACC are sensitive to different aspects of risk, even when the expected utility of choices is equated.