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Abstract #3711

A Functional Dissociation Between the Left and the Right Cerebellum During Sensorimotor Synchronization: A BOLD FMRI Study

Janine D. Bijsterbosch1, Kwang-Hyuk Lee1, Daniel T. Tsoi1, Peter W R Woodruff1, Iain D. Wilkinson2

1Academic Psychiatry, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK; 2Academic Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

Using temporally-correlated fMRI we investigated the brain networks for motor timing and error correction during a sensorimotor synchronization paradigm. Motor timing activates a functional network that includes the right cerebellum and primary motor and sensory cortices. Error correction engaged the left cerebellar cortex and structures in the inferior parietal and frontal cortices. These results indicate a dissociable functional lateralization within the cerebellum and provide insights into the cortico-cerebellar functional networks for timing and error correction.

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