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Abstract #3904

Highly Accelerated Non Contrast Enhanced MRA of the Lower Extremity Arteries at 3 Tesla Using an ECG-Triggered Variable Flip Angle 3D Fast Spin Echo (SPACE) Sequence

Ruth P. Lim1, Pippa Storey1, Iliyana P. Atanasova1, Danny C. Kim1, Elizabeth M. Hecht1, David R. Stoffel1, Jian Xu2, Qun Chen1, Henry Rusinek1, Vivian S. Lee1

1Radiology, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, USA; 2Siemens Medical Solutions, New York, USA

The high SNR of ECG-triggered fast spin echo MRA at 3T may lend itself well to parallel imaging with potential benefits of allowing higher spatial resolution and/or shorter acquisition times. We implement an ECG-triggered variable flip angle 3D fast spin echo MRA technique and compare image quality and vessel conspicuity using parallel imaging in the phase encode direction alone versus parallel imaging in both slice select and phase encode directions. We find satisfactory image quality and vessel conspicuity can be maintained with substantially decreased imaging time.