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Abstract #4023

Correlation Between Colonic Mural Apparent Diffusion Coefficient and Clinical/biochemical Markers of Inflammation in Acute Colitis

Shonit Punwani1, Rehana Hafeez2, Doug Pendse2, Alan Bainbridge2, Paul Boulos1, Steve Halligan1,2, Stuart Taylor1,2

1University College London, London, UK; 2University College London Hospital, London, UK

High mural T2 signal intensity has been previously reported to correlate with acute inflammation in the small bowel of patients with known inflammatory bowel disease. It is also possibly related to mucosal oedema. Diffusion weighted imaging is sensitive to changes in extra and intracellular water fractions. This study correlates colonic mural apparent diffusion coefficient measurements with clinical/biochemical markers of inflammation to determine whether ADC could potentially provide a non-ionising quantitative site specific assessment of colitis.