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Abstract #4083

Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI in Evaluating the Intranodular Hemodynamic Characteristics of Focal Hepatic Nodules in an Experimental Rat Model

Dawei YANG1, Cheng ZHOU2, Zhenghan YANG2, Yue GUO2

1Beijing hospital, Beijing, China; 2Beijing hospital, China

The aim of this study is to investigate the role of Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI(DCE-MRI) in the evaluation of the intranodular hemodynamic characteristics of focal hepatic nodules in an experimental hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) rat model. DCE-MRI was performed in 30 rats with chemically induced hepatocellular nodules ranging pathologically from regenerative nodules (RN) to dysplastic nodules (DN) to HCC, Dynamic enhancement parameters including Time to peak (Tp), maximal relative signal enhancement (REmax), and the initial slope of signal intensity (SI) were measured. Our findings indicates that HCC were markedly hypervascular compared to adjacent cirrhotic liver, while DNs were probably hypo- or isovascular.