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Abstract #4084

Characterization of Focal Liver Lesions Using Ferucarbotran-Enhanced Liver MRI: Efficacy of Percentage Signal Intensity Loss for Detecting Nodules Within Diffuse Liver Disease

Chen-Te Chou1,2, Ran-Chou Chen1,3

1Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science, National Yang-Ming Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan; 2Chang-Hua Christian Hospital, Chang-Hua, Taiwan; 3Radiology, Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch, Taipei, Taiwan

Purpose: To determine the optimal PSIL threshold for characterization of hepatic tumor with diffuse liver disease. Materials and Methods: Fifty patients with diffuse liver disease were included. The PSIL of each lesion was calculated and the diagnostic performance was compared by ROC analysis. Results: The PSILs of the benign lesions were higher than overt HCC, but no significant difference to wHCCs. The optimal PSIL were 35% for FS-T2WI. Sensitivity/specificity for HCC detection were 74.3%/76.2%. Conclusion, with ferucarbotran-enhanced MRI, a PSIL threshold of 35% is useful for the characterization of overt HCC in patients with diffuse liver disease.