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Abstract #4109

Evaluation of Intra-Renal Oxygenation in Db/db Mice by BOLD MRI

Lu-Ping Li1, Sarah Halter1, JoAnn Cabray1, Pottumarthi V. Prasad1

1Radiology, Northshore University Healthsystem, Evanston, IL, USA

Mouse models provide an excellent opportunity to study mammalian diseases such as diabetic nephropathy where a role for genetics is suspected. Renal hypoxia is a critical pathway leading to end stage renal failure. The objective of this work was to extend previous observations using BOLD MRI in type I diabetes model in rats to an inbred mouse model of type II diabetes. Intra-renal BOLD MRI measurements showed lower renal medullary and cortical oxygenation levels in Type II diabetic mice (db/db) compared to their healthy littermates (db/m). The level of hypoxia was higher at 15 compared to 10 weeks of age.